Meet Our Daycare Coordinators


 Brianna Hager - Daycare Coordinator

For the first 26 years of her life, Bri lived on the East Coast, and only just recently made the move to Washington with her two dogs, Scout and Lola. After a week-long drive, they are all thrilled to be here. Before the move, Bri was a Canine Behavior and Enrichment Specialist at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center. In her time there, she rehabilitated dogs that'd been rescued from Korean meat farms, worked with the extremely fearful Puerto Rican satos coming off the island of Vieques, and was a core handler for multiple cruelty cases.

While all of these experiences were a mixture of heartbreaking and rewarding, she always looked forward to the playgroups that she and the rest of the behavior team ran daily with St. Hubert's shelter dogs. She believes that play, for dogs, is sanity. And, that they need the chance to interact with their own kind and let off steam, just like children do. In her free time, Bri is always thinking up fun new enrichment ideas her dogs; whether that be hikes, puzzle toys, or other boredom busters! Ask her for tips, she's full of them!         


Carolena Caballero - Daycare Coordinator

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Ashley Sanchez - Daycare Coordinator

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Amica Smith - Daycare Coordinator (Relief Staff)

Born and raised in the Seattle area Amica has spent the last 7 years working at a number of local animal hospitals and daycares and feels she’s found herself at home here at All Things PAWSitive. Being surrounded with such lovable, dedicated employees played a big role in her happiness and success, giving her extra motivation to positively impact the lives of countless dogs she interacts with each day. Amica is definitely one of the most genuine animal lovers you will ever meet. At home she cares for and spoils her three pets: Jobey the Doberman pinscher, Harley the grey tabby and Arlo the crested gecko. Outside of work you can find her staying active doing a number of interesting things. A good portion of her time is spent studying for a degree in psychology and human development through Washington State University. The little free time she has left is spent doing yoga and then reading/learning more about dogs. She believes that canines have many qualities that can help with mental and physical health. One day she hopes to be able to counsel children through the help of therapy animals. Every once in a while she and her dog Jobey provide complementary therapy sessions at retirement homes in Seattle.