Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare - Dog Daycare for Redmond, Kirkland, and the entire Seattle area

Why you and your dog will love daycare:

Social by nature, here your dog spends his days interacting with his peers and people alike, making your pup a happy pooch!

Group play and an active social life make for a confident and emotionally healthy dog.

Our special play areas mean lots of romping around, fulfilling your dog’s need to be physical and his instinct to be part of a pack.

Sitting home alone can create bored, destructive dogs. After a day of mental and emotional stimulation at All Things PAWSitive, your dog is tired, happy and ready to wind down with you at night.

Work or run errands without worrying how (or what) your dog’s doing at home, knowing he’s safe, active and happy.

When its time to relax and chill, our daycare nap area is designed to enhance your pet’s well being by creating a low stress environment for your best friend’s visit. 


  • $41.00 Daily Rate
  • $36.30/day "10 Days of Play Pass" (Ideal for biweekly-2 days/week campers. Expires 21 weeks from date of purchase.)
  • $34.20/day "20 Days of Play Pass" (Ideal for 3-5 days/week campers. Expires 8 weeks from date of purchase.)

Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Friday: 7:00am-6:00pm

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